About the Artist

Leo P. Donahue (American Printmaker)

Artist Statement

I have been an artist all my life. My medium has changed a few times, yet my purpose more or less has stayed consistent. That is to express through my art a deeper meaning than just the image. I have worked in crow quill pen and ink, large abstract oils and acrylics, limestone lithographic, and for the last 30 years intaglio etching. Along the way I have tried to fuse the Eastern value of discipline with the Western philosophy of design, creating a sort of balance between a woodblock and an etching. Art is not just in the image or lack thereof, but in the performance of how one creates in his time. Just as observation affects judgment, I create my images, knowing that the viewer and I share the Now, a moment, a quantum spot of Zen, where a contemplative acknowledgement is exchanged. For in my etchings, the art is behind and within the meditative image.

Leo P. Donahue (American)

Leo Donahue is a well-known artist/printmaker who has exhibited in hundreds of art shows and galleries throughout the Northeast. He has worked in many mediums: from oils, acrylics, crow quill pen & inks, stone drawn lithographs, to his present medium of etching/aqua-tints. His diversity of mediums coincides with his diversity of subject matter. Leo creates detailed landscapes, seascapes, Paleolithic imagery, expressionist abstracts, and poetic still-lifes. He has an innate ability to combine Western and Eastern thought and design in his work.

Leo's work has been awarded numerous times, for 1st place, 2nd place and Best of Show. He won the Strathmore Paper Co. Award for the best use of paper. Integrity of his work is exemplified by his many quotes. "Etching is the art behind the image," or, "Stand still and travel, for the beauty is in the details."

Leo currently resides in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts with his family.

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